"La Blible de l'art abstrait", february 2008, page 50 & 51

"Next Exhibitions":

"ARTDECO FIRE", from 28 of october 2008 to 17 of january 2009 in Nancy, FRANCE

ARTDECO FIRE: 93, boulevard d'Austrasie, Nancy

"2007 Mains Exhibitions":

"Galerie THUILLIER",13 rue de Thorigny 75003 Paris
from 11 to 24 of april 2008

"Art Concorde" International Contemporary Art Exhibition
from 26 to 28 of october 2007 to the "Cercle de l'Automobile club de France",
6 place de la Concorde in Paris, FRANCE

"2d Creators Exhibition"
from 26 to 28 october 2007 at Thionville, FRANCE

"CinéAqua" of Trocadéro in Paris, FRANCE
Exhibition from 1 TO 28 february 2007

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Permanent exhibition in the Gallery: "L'Atelier d'Arts" in Cannes, FRANCE.

"Auctions results":

Sale of: Claude Aguttes: Thursday, March 15, 2007
Estimated: 1200 - 1500 Euros - Sold: 1805 Euros

LOT N°194

"Misty Blue II"

"Quotation on the Contemporary Art Market"

"www.drouot-cotation.org", "www.artnet.com"or "www.artprice.fr"the world leader in art market information.


"Artension" French Contemporary Art Magazine, décember 2006