Clarisse Fresneau (Kim-Anh)

Eurasian, born on April the 17th 1966 in France, she has spent most of her childhood all around the world: Kampuchea, Vietnam, Greece, Zaire, Iraq and Venezuela.

At 9 years old, she composed her first poems and her first song on piano. In 1987 she launched her first hit, during her last year at high scool. In the early 90s, she starts painting. Her paintings are mostly abstract, based on geometrical shapes and color gradation. Her style refer to the " Musicalist Painters", a movement which appeared in the late 30s.

Ten years passes by, her expression of art through music, writing and painting are put aside as she starts her career in the universe of Finance and Luxury.

It is only in 2004 that she will start again creative activities. In painting, Clarisse Fresneau becomes Kim Anh, her vietnamese name which means " Gold Bird". Even though her painting style remains abstract, it is still completely different and new. It resembles to her and reflects balance, personal blooming and harmony.

Color, Light, balance, relief, nature, perfumes, geometry, harmony.

The nature appears dominant and is dominated at the same time. It is dominant because it holds a major place, allowing a play of relief in background and texture, as well as perfumes of spices. It is dominated because the art is abstract an graphic.

To paint, no brushes, nor knives: only diversion of various objects of everyday life.

All the creations are thought and carried out in diptychs: two paintings that play a mirror effects, and blend into a perfect symbiosis.

« I wish that by looking at my paintings, one should be able to feel a zen balance, a harmony, a feeling of wellbeing and peace… »