Brits gobble five stone of chips every year as Yorkshire folk top list of spud fans


Britons munch nearly five stone of chips each a year, with Yorkshire & Humber the keenest spud fans.

As a nation, we chomp our way through two billion kilos of them annually, or 30kg a head.

Some 40% of that is made up of shop-bought oven chips or ones we rustle up ourselves.

Another 35% is from the UK’s 10,500 fish and chip shops, the rest from other eateries.

The study by greetings card firm found folk from Yorkshire and Humber gobbled 39kg of chips a year. Wales placed second in the table on 37kg, while the East Midlands languished in last on a mere 20kg.

Belgians, who invented the erroneously named “French fry”, are the world’s biggest chip consumers, eating 75kg of them per person every year.

Fan Ollie Parker, 40, of High Wycombe, Bucks, said: “I have chips at least three times a week.

“The only dilemma I have is what to have with them, as I love salt, vinegar, tomato sauce, brown sauce and mayo, which makes my plate look a bit odd.”