Mum says hubby’s feet are so smelly they killed a frog as one found dead in shoe


A mum insists her husband’s feet are so smelly that they killed a frog after finding the poor amphibian dead after crawling into his show.

When Gemma Tyson moved Ben Tyson’s Nike Air Max shoes on Saturday morning, she realised it was a deathbed for the three-inch long creature.

A strange image shows the frog lying on its back with one hand over its throat ‘as if it had been gassed’, with the 40-year-old to conclude the pong from her husband’s feet had killed it.

She believes 36-year-old Brian’s feet ‘smell’ when he’s been wearing socks a lot.

She even called him a ‘typical, messy bloke’ and said he has gotten in trouble with their cleaner.

The mum-of-three quickly took to Facebook, where more than 3,000 liked her post accusing the smelly mechanic of ‘killing’ the creature.

But Brian has since dismissed claims his feet smell, saying the stench is from one of their four Bengal cats dropping the animal into his shoe.

However, his wife doesn’t believe it, and is saying she’ll have to start spraying his trainers, or locking them away at night, to prevent other animals dying.

Gemma, from Cheddar, Somerset, said: “The frog looks like it’s passed out from the smell. Like it had been gassed. Its pose is quite dramatic and stretched out, so it looks shocked by it.

“When I saw it like that, I just came to the conclusion it must have died because of the smell because the cats wouldn’t put it in the shoes once it was dead.

“His feet tend to pong a bit, especially if he’s worn his socks quite a lot. He’ll keep putting the same ones on if they smell passable, but his version of what’s fit to use is a lot different to mine.

“He’s only had these trainers since Christmas. It doesn’t seem long enough to have killed a frog. I thought it was the kid’s fake one at first, then I realised it wasn’t.

“He doesn’t care about how they smell and he didn’t even check to see if they did. He’s always filthy. Even our cleaner doesn’t like him because he brings in dirt from car tyres. He’s a typical messy bloke.

“Brian knows my post is on there and people are commenting about his smelly feet. He just shakes his head. He’ll get payback one day.

“We’ll have to spray his shoes to protect animals in future, or make sure they’re in the cupboard.”

Gemma concedes that one of her cats brought the frog into their home, but thinks it must have taken shelter beneath the shoes, which were gifted to Brian at Christmas, to avoid being killed.

However, Brian insists he’s ‘not guilty’ of killing the frog as he doesn’t over-use his favourite trainers enough to make them smell like his work boots do.

Brian said: “My feet don’t stink! The frog’s lucky it wasn’t my work boots – they’re quite bad.

“These are my better shoes. I’m not guilty! It’s nothing to do with me. I’m adamant that a cat dropped it in there.

“If anyone’s in doubt they can steam my shoes and find out.”

Gemma, who ‘hates’ frogs, says she avoided telling kids Ashton and Blake Horsfield, 11 and 10, and Abigail Tyson, eight, as they’d ‘chase her around with it’.

The healthcare company director’s post has attracted more than 500 comments, with users finding her explanation ‘hilarious’ and one even sending some shoe-freshening advice.

The post said: “I told my husband his trainers smell. Looks like a frog jumped in and the smell killed it.

“I always check my shoes for spiders, now I’m going to have to check for frogs as well.”

One commented: “This is hilarious. Not for the poor froggy of course, but my goodness, this made me laugh! RIP mate.”

Gemma replied: “Yeah it’s not the way I would choose to go.”

Another said: “I thought you would say it was smelling from the dead frog. Then I kept reading. Brilliant.”

A third offered a tip adding: “Put tea bags in each shoe by morning they will smell fresh. I would use at least two bags in each shoe.”

Gemma jokingly replied: “Used or unused? Do they prevent frogs as well?”